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Transaction monitoring





Build custom decisioning processes using a rules and workflow engine that can control real-time changes in your user experience, enrich data using 3rd parties, call custom APIs, escalate tasks to your back-office, and more.

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Why ballerine?

Customize processes and user experience

Build dynamic workflows that change user journeys, vendor calls and back-office work based on risk and desired UX

Leverage best practices, stay future-proof

Leverage seamless risk process development, with the flexibility to modify code as your business evolves.

Stay ahead of regulation changes

Meet new regulations quickly and keep compliance officers satisfied.

Fight risk without hurting development teams

Respond to risks quickly and get back to focus on core product development.

Ease offering new products

Streamline expansion with simplified workflow creation for new markets and products.

Why Open Source?


Full flexibility on the code level, enabling limitless building capabilities to address any use case.

Future proof

Be adaptive to future requirements by adding their own code, build your own features & bring your own integrations.

Secure & private

The system can be utilized by a company's own security and privacy measures (on-prem, self-host, data ownership, etc.).



Build workflows that react to changes in a user's risk assessment, triggering requesting more info, enriching data, or manual review. Effectively manage risk while maintaining a seamless customer experience.

Rule engine

Set up rules based on your compliance, fraud, and product requirements, to automatically process and evaluate user data to ensure regulatory compliance, prevent fraud, and enforce policies.


Connect to various data sources, government lists, ID and document verification providers, and more with our unified standardized data API.

Custom API

Connect to external providers or in-house tools and seamlessly integrate them into your workflows to mitigate risk.

Headless SDK

Control the course of a user flow based on their answers and data in real-time through our dynamic headless SDK. allowing for custom experiences based on the current user risk.

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