The open-source
identity & risk management infrastructure

Ballerine is an open-source identity and risk management infrastructure, helping companies automate their decisions for onboarding, transaction monitoring, credit underwriting, and more.

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Choose either a single or multiple open modules and adjust them to your needs

Rule Engine
Data Sources
Case Management
Custom Plugins
UI Builder

Fast & Flexible

Ballerine accelerates building your risk capabilities with pre-made kits and tools,
while allowing you to extend your functionalities by building custom code plugins, or by taking existing plugins made by the community.

Custom code plugins

Rely on us, on yourself, or on the community.
Ballerine allows everyone to build plugins and additions that can be used as nodes on the rule engine, decision functions, interface modules, and more.

Powerful decisioning
rule engine

Our decision rule engine allows you to form a truly versatile and personalized risk policy.

Custom UI builder

Design how your users experience the risk-related journeys , without compromising your brand.

Get up and running fast,
and grow with our platform

Ballerine's Starter Pack Includes:
Identity verification
Transaction monitoring
Anti money laundering
+400 plugins and data sources made by the community

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See how other fintech startups are using Ballerine to build a state-of-the-art onboarding.

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